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The ef cooling product family

Free cooling and/or heat recovery

From the point of view of ecology and energy optimisation, it makes sense to incorporate the waste heat of larger systems into the building heating and domestic hot water system using heat recovery. 

In areas where the ambient temperature often falls below the supply temperature, it makes sense to operate the cooling equipment in free cooling mode, without compressor cooling. This can cut operating costs by up to 80%. As a result of free cooling operation, even when combined with precooling, the cooling equipment and the liquid cooler components come under less stress, or are not stressed at all, which lengthens the lifecycle of the complete system. 

This cooling equipment is designed and configured specifically to your requirements. Various combinations are built and equipped with the necessary accessories. They are based on our water and oil coolers, with system-specific add-ons such as

  • desalination plants

  • water filtration

  • integrated or external tank/pump units

  • special voltages

  • 50 Hz / 60 Hz versions, all voltages

  • with free cooling and/or heat recovery.

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