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Stoff Maschinen in der Fabrik


The leaders in cooling since 1964

We have been developing, constructing and marketing cooling solutions for industry since 1964. During this time, we have developed a network of technology and service partners so we are able to deliver the optimum cooling solution for almost any process – worldwide.
So far, we have solved several thousand temperature problems – although no two tasks were ever alike – with the help of outstanding cooperation from our customers and partners.
We regularly target investment on the development and evaluation of new technologies and products, paying particular attention to environmental sustainability, energy conservation, efficiency and quality improvement.
We plan and coordinate every step – from research and development, via production, to service, sales and marketing – in Switzerland; in other words our products are "made in Switzerland".

ef cooling
Products /Services
  • Water/oil coolers

  • Coolers for a variety of media

  • Multifunction equipment for water/oil

  • Customer-specific combinations and solutions

  • Energy-optimised systems and concepts

  • Turnkey systems, worldwide

  • Prototype / ETO / serial production

  • Engineering

  • Service and spares, worldwide


ef cooling – Joined-up Thinking

Thinking outside the box


Our mindset and the way we solve problems is based on our know-how and enables us to arrive at integrated solutions because we consider all the different aspects of your temperature problem simultaneously and take account of them in the solution. 

Our approach is always to look at the problem as a whole, to embrace different points of view / aspects / contexts / dependencies and then integrate them into the solution. 

Thinking outside the box is one of our core skills and means that we can develop sustainable products and cooling solutions together with you.

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ef cooling Vision


For generations, ef cooling has been synonymous with innovative, customer-specific solutions. We operate globally and produce technologically sophisticated, high-quality cooling equipment and systems that are geared to the market. 

We prove our advanced development, manufacturing and sales expertise every day as we cooperate with customers and suppliers. We concentrate on our strengths to derive the maximum benefit for our customers. Our innovative attitude forms the basis of the continuous development of our products. 

This in turn opens up new opportunities for us, particularly in niche markets. This strategy is our commitment to healthy growth. 

The market constantly demands more comprehensive services and one-stop shops. We are taking account of this trend. We will continue to specifically develop and supplement our range of services, such as customer service and application support. It is first and foremost our customers who benefit from this proactive strategy, which will also strengthen our good market position.

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